Google rolled out a new Gmail with new interface, some useful new features, and moved some things around. In the video below, you can see what a top more important features that will change the way you use Gmail.

In the future post, I’ll share with you an email service which puts privacy, and security as the main features. Something I feel a business owner will definitely appreciate.

Update - The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a good write up about Gmail’s Confidential email. In it, they mention some critical factors including the fact that Google reads your emails, exposing the recipient’s mobile number, linking the sender to the recipient and more.

If you are not too concern about your privacy, then it is not an issue. However, it is never wise to depend solely on one service provider like Google.

For me, I’ve always felt it is a good idea to move somethings off from Gmail. Besides having a backup, privacy is something important to me. That is why, I use different email service provider for different things.

One of which is ProtonMail, which encrypts your emails end to end, seemlessly without any action on your part.