I teach you how to leverage tech so that you can Do Stuff That Matters. Whether you want to build a better business or just be more effective in you life.

A lot of people feel overwhelmed and frustrated knowing that software and digital tools have so much potential yet after trying it for themselve, you don’t get the results you hope for.

You know you are much better than your friends, colleague or competitor but tech seems to hold you back.

All you need maybe someone to point you in the right direction and I’m here to help.

Create your online course

Reduce internal training workload or turn your knowledge into a residual income stream. Here’s my story how I got started and why I more should do it too.

Video Editing With Shotcut

Learn how to edit your own videos with Shotcut app. This is one of the easiest editors to learn.

A powerful full featured software to create your videos for business or for fun. Find out more.