What some of my customers say

Very good job in training with clear videos and short too making it very easy to follow, thank you James for this training ~ Al Amaro

After downloading the software and looking over refernce, this course came highly recommended. Let’s just say, within a day I was doing more with video than the goal I had set for myself. I started with one video prior to this course to over 30 plus, lease than a week. Thanks for bringing a newbie into focus ~ Johnny Baker

Went from a total beginner on video editing, to adding my first edited video in ‘YouTube’ in less than four hours. I couldn’t say this first video is prefect, but by following James’ training tips, I should be refining my video editing skills in the days/ weeks to come. If you are an entrepreneur starting your own business and are considering taking advantage of video for publicity or visibility, this course is a must have. As I said, it was worth the investment! ~ Guillermo Vasquez

As a complete newbie to video editing, this course was exactly what I needed. I’m recording videos for my new business, and I discovered Shotcut in my search for free editing software. And it was through Shotcut’s website that I discovered James’ tutorial. I’m really grateful they mentioned this course because it was a quick way for me to learn. ~ Jane Yoo

I was sceptical after a bad experience with paying for E-learning. But as I was really frustrated about my results in learning shotcut, I took the risk and paid the price for this training. What should I say: I am totally convinced by this training!

After one day of concentrated learning with James Woo I solved all the problems I had with my film project, now I love shotcut, it makes so much better results than Movie Maker, if you just know how to use it. The training is organized in short chapters that teach you everything you must know, the videos show all single steps and Mister Woo explains.

And whenever I am not sure about something, I can rewatch the relevant clip again. It comes even better: There was one problem I couldn’t solve, so I wrote to James, sceptical if I will ever get an anwer at all (like I said, experiences in E-learning …). After 2 hours I had my answer. Mr Woo explained me, detailed but easy to understand and very friendly, how to solve the problem with my film. Sorry for overwhelming enthusiasm – I guess its because I was really pi**ed off after trying to learn shotcut for 3 days on my own with no good results. Big thank you to Mr Woo. Christian Mentz , Berlin, Germany