I’ve been an engineer, a salesperson and a business owner. Now, I teach online.

My courses are here and elsewhere on the internet. Check out the testimonials from some of my customers above.

My Story, A Condensed Version

Way back when you can only call and text on mobile phones, I was involved in face to face selling. The only way to go online was through dial-up internet. Prior to that, I was an engineer.

I found that some aspects of selling was a hard work (for me anyway), and the engineer in me kept thinking, “There must be a better way to do things!”.

So I decided the internet (and all things related) is the way forward. Learned how to set up my first website, how to write for humans and for search engine. Soon customers started to find me instead of me calling them.

That was a turning point for me as it proves that even a small business owner can benefit from the internet and technology.

It wasn’t smooth sailing. I made many many mistakes along the way. If you like to avoid the many pitfalls, be a part of my community where I share by success and failures.

Why I teach

I noticed among my peers and other small business owners, many didn’t see the opportunities that’s available online. Maybe they saw it but didn’t know how to apply them in a affordable, practical way.

Not long ago, a friend mentioned he ignored what was happening online and left it till it was too late for his business. I hope this doesn’t happen to you, but you can catch up. Anyone can learn how, as long as they are open to learning.

A lot of things I do today, I learned. I never thought I’d be making videos and teaching others. More importantly, I’ve discovered that anyone can learn these brave new world.

You can follow along and be a part of my community as I share what I discover.

Say Hi!

If you don’t know where to start or just want to say hello you can email me. Tell me a bit about what you are working on. Maybe we can work together too.