Hi there. I’m James.

I teach online. In some circles I’m known as an online instructor, a teacher or even a YouTuber.

Something about me.

I was as an engineer, switch to sales, got fascinated with all the possibilities when the internet came along.

In sales I found out that selling is a high touch environment and educating my customers was one of the best way to sell. I found out by accident I have a knack for breaking complicated subjects so that it is easily digested.

When blogging came into the scene I used it as an experiment to write, learn about SEO, market my business plus a whole host of other things. The most important though is going online allowed me to leverage my efforts.

Today I teach others to level up and use tech more effectively.

While I’m sure you are very comfortable at using apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube, very few know how to leverage those to greater level especially in business.

Free free to learn from my free material and also my online training courses.

If you are curious about the tools I use regularly for my business, you can find them here.


If you don’t find what you are looking for you can email me to ask. Tell me a bit about what you are working on and where you need help.

Connect with me

To connect with me please use email. That is the fastest and most reliable way.

I’m on social media like Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram if you like to follow me on those platforms.

Feel free to just say hi and do tell me a bit about what you are working on. Maybe we can work together. I’m open to collaboration if it fits.