Ever wonder what tools I use? A lot of people ask me this question.

Here’s a list of the tools I use regularly to create content, make videos, handle customer service.

Are they the best tools? I don’t know, but they work well for me. Feel free to try them yourself.

Video creation

Open Broadcaster Software - free software I use to create screen recording videos. Works with or without a webcam, for live streaming and green screen technique.

Shotcut - free video editing software, easy to learn, and works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Great if you are a new at making videos. See my review here.

HitFilm Express - a more powerful and sophisticated video editing software. It takes slightly longer to learn than Shotcut with optional paid add ons.

Audacity - audio editor I use to enhance the sound quality of my video and screen recordings. While visuals are important for video, good audio is equally as important.

** 5 Ws of creating screen recording videos


Trello - I use this to jot down ideas, research, and organize and projects. It also allows for collaboration with other people when you have a team.

Keepass - I use this free password manager to create and manage strong random passwords for all my logins in one location. It allows me to login quickly with auto type functionality.

FreeMind is a free mind mapping tool that I use to help me plan and organize my ideas. I use it to get a high level view on any topic and also to put ideas down.

GIMP - is a free graphics editor alternative to Photoshop. You can use it to edit and create images. I use it to tweak my photos, create thumbnails for my website and YouTube etc.

Canva - Much easier to use than GIMP and very helpful for you if you need help choosing the right graphics and fonts to create beautiful looking graphics.


While I like gadgets as much as the next guy, I like to keep things simple. My gear for making online videos.

Lumix G5 - this is the micro four thirds camera I use for my videos. Newer models are available.

Logitech C920 - a good quality webcam for screen recording videos.

Poco F5 smartphone - click to read my longer review

Tripod - a Manfrotto tripod for the camera

Lenovo Laptop i5 16GB Ram

Audio gear

Audio Technica ATR2100 USB microphone that plugs direct into your computer.

Zoom H1 - I use this when I used my DSLR. It can also function as a USB microphone. There is an updated model call the Zoom H1n.

MIC-J 044 Lavalier - a good budget lavalier mic to pair with the Zoom H1.

Boya BY-MM1 (Cardioid Mic)


Digital Ocean - Virtual private hosting, or VPS for hosting this website. Get 2 months free with this link.

Note - I am an affiliate for a few of these tools. The tools are on this list only because I use them and they get the job done.