Davinci Resolve - Solid Color Generator Cool Uses

Three ways you’d never think to use color generators in Davinci Resolve. Solid color generators are extremely useful. You can create some really cool effects, titles and even transitions. Best of all, there are simple to use once you know how. If you found this useful, give this a thumbs-up. See more Davinci Resolve tutorials here.

GPU Rendering in Davinci Resolve Free

Most people say the free version of Davinci Resolve doesn’t use the GPU for rendering. In this short video, I let you judge for yourself. GPU rendering can make your videos export faster. Crucial if you are on a deadline. Get my video Editing Training courses.

Reduced File Size And Get Faster Rendering - Davinci Resolve

Two minute tip to reduce file size in Davinci Resolve with minimal loss of quality, and get faster rendering as well. More quick tips for Resolve on the way. Get my Video Editing Training courses.

How to Create and FAKE Slow Motion with any camera

SLOW MOTION makes things look cool! In this video, I will show you how to shoot slow motion video. Explain frame rates and how it is used to achieve slow motion. Also how can we get nice slow footage even without cameras that shoot high speed! I’ll show you some ways to Fake slow motion and sort of fake it, to get a similar result to cameras that actually shoot high speed....