Here are some resource to help you with the Easy Editing with Shotcut Video Editor course. This resource is only for students of my course. Please do not share it with others.

Original Source to Download Shotcut

Video clips for practice

Bluescreen sample video clip for chromakey exercise (132 MB). This is a short video clip with a person standing in front of a blue screen.

Shaky clip sample to use for stabilize filter (22 MB).

Sample video clip with voice (some deers at a zoo)

Sample video clip for Picture-In-Picture Tutorial (photo frame on wall)

Sample video clip for Picture-In-Picture Tutorial (Girl on an elephant)

Images and Overlays

Transparent overlay sample (.png file) with text on bottom - download 1280 x 720 pixels, or 1920x1080 pixel overlay for creating videos with image overlays.

Black oval overlay (for blur tutorial)

Website to download Creative Commons images - Pixabay, Unsplash

Arrows Pointers

A set of 4 red arrows pointing left, and right. (.zip file)

Source for audio clips

Youtube audio library - some clips require attribution, be careful where and how you use them. This would not be an issue for your practice videos.

Creative Commons for music - royalty free audio with creative commons section.


These resources is for older students. Resources are now included within the course. If you haven’t Signed up for the Shotcut Training yet, you can get it here.