Filmora 12 First Impression

If you are keen to know what is new in Filmora 12, here’s my first impression. I’ve gone through this quickly to get this to you as soon as possible. This video is made using a beta version. I show you the new work layouts, freehand mask, adjustment layer and more. It’s beginning to grow on me and may even be the default video editor I use. Overall I like it with all the improvements but I like to hear your thoughts in the comments below....

5 Masking Hacks In Filmora 11

Here are 5 easy ways to use masks in Filmora. I covers things like transitions, high lighting, hiding to special effects. It is easy to do too. I also share how you can get Filmora with a discount or just hop on to this page. To learn how to use Filmora fast with all the tips and tricks check out my Filmora training course here.

November 16, 2022 · James Woo

Filmora 11 Review - Pros And Cons

Is Filmora 11 suitable for the types of video you want to create? My review below will help you decide. I should call it a demo since all the effects, titles, transitions and elements are done with Filmora. I also share how you can get Filmora with a discount or just hop on to this page. To learn how to use Filmora fast with all the tips and tricks check out my Filmora training course here....

How To Align Multiple Video To Audio

If you record using more than one camera, you will need to sync or align the videos to audio. Other wise your video will look and sound weird. Here’s how to do it using Filmora. You can do it in 60 seconds or less. To learn how to make better videos using Filmora take a look at my Filmora training. Get Filmora with a discount.

Shotcut V 22.09.23 - Custom Transitions, Custom Shortcuts and More

Shotcut version 22.09.23 bring even more tools and goodies to make your editing faster and more enjoyable. You can watch all these in this short video that shows you how to apply them. You now can make your own custom keyboard shortcuts (yay), have a folder to keep all your custom transitions (double yay), and more. To access the action and keyboard shortcuts, press the “/” or “?”. Opens up the window as below....

Smooth Slideshow For Business?

While video slideshows are common for events like holidays and personal celebrations, you can use them to promote your business as well. In the video below, I show how you can make a smooth subtle effects for slideshow. You can use it for your business to promote a product or show off your staff and expertise. Do give it a try. You can create a similar effect with other software although the steps may be slightly different....

Udemy vs Course Hosting Platforms

If you are considering using a site like Udemy or a course hosting platform to host your online courses, this article may be for you. Platforms here means sites like Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, NewZenler, etc that allows you to hosts videos, PDFs, collect payments etc and you pay a certain fee to do so. Read about my experience using different course hosting platforms here. Some platforms allows things like a custom design, may include live or recorder webinars, marketing funnels etc....

Shotcut Custom Transition

Shotcut Video Editor come with 24 built in transitions. If that is not enough or you want something unique, this video will show you how to add custom transitions. You can download 14 custom Shotcut transitions for free here. If you like to buy me a cup of coffee, that will be great too. Check out all my video editing training courses here.

Create Your Own Unique Ink Drop Transition

Unique transitions are one way to make your video stand out. I’ll show you how to make an awesome “ink drop” style transition using Filmora 11. You can also use the same technique for slideshow to give a special look in your video project. Get Filmora with Discount. Check out my video editor training here.

Quite Surprised By Filmora 11.5

I was quite surprised by Filmora 11.5! I found this Beautify filter and initially thought it will be just nice to test. After testing it a bit, I can think of several unconventional ways to use it. Watch the video below. Besides this rad effect, there are 5 other practical new features as well. If you want to learn how to use Filmora fast, consider my Filmora training here. You can also get Filmora at a discount here....