This image is from my software training course. My trainees can see me and my computer screen the same time.

I created my first online training course in 2016. Since then I’ve earn several thousand dollars in residual income from just a few courses.

However it is not only about money or residual income. I teach because I feel there is something I can contribute from what I know and my students are from around the world. You can see the testimonials here.

There is many advantages for a trainer or even a business to be able to create online training.

As a trainer or a business owner you can leverage your time.

For some types of training especially for new employees you don’t have to get someone to train them to get your new employee up to speed.

Imagine how much time can be saved.

You probably have reservations about this including your courses being copied or stolen, Malaysian not willing to pay, refunds etc. I’ll address this at the later part of this article.

The reason I created online courses were:-

  • to create residual income from my knowledge. Something that I can sell over and over again.
  • I want to teach and share my knowledge to people around the world.
  • I prefer not to travel or stand in front of a large audience.

Advantages of online training

Here are some other benefits of online training besides those mentioned above:-

  • standardized and consistent training
  • flexibility i.e. training can be done anytime at any location
  • scale – large number of people can be trained with minimal physical resources
  • trainees can learn at their own pace
  • just in time training for anyone, not just for employees
  • the ability to repeat training
  • reduce trainers workload
  • reduce training cost

Doubt and concerns about online training

There are valid concerns that online training or e-learning may not be as effective.

Training can be effective or ineffective whether in person or online. It all depends a few factors.

I remember the times when I was in a training room wishing to be somewhere else. I’m sure you do too.

It could be irrelevant topic, ineffective trainer, too many jokes too little content, uncooperative class etc.

I’d say there are more advantages online training vs offline training.

Trainees are in control of their learning

  • Recorded video lectures can be viewed faster or slower depending on trainees.
  • Topics that are not relevant can be skipped
  • Quizzes can be used to test that actual learning has taken place

As long as the trainee have the knowledge to do the work, it may not be necessary to cover every single topic within a course.

Compared this to being in a physical in-person training where the trainer has to go as fast as the slowest person in the group.

Hybrid training

An alternative for some types of training would be to combine online and offline training into a hybrid or blended learning environment.

Trainees can watch video lectures ahead of time, complete questions and then interact in a physical group discussion.

That way you get the best of both worlds.

Discussions can also be done live via an online platform saving travel time.

My experience

Having taken online training courses as a trainee and also being a online trainer, these are a few observations I’ve discovered.

Just as in a physical in person training, the trainer, the content, the delivery plays a big part whether the training is effective or not.

With the availability of technology today, creating online training course is not that difficult nor costly.

However to create lessons with high level of quality and effectiveness requires some know how.

The opportunity

Having done this over the past few years, I’d say that it offers a good opportunity for anyone who wants to do it. Especially if you are already a trainer.

Anyone who has good information or insights in any area can create their own training.

You can read testimonials from my trainees that proves that anyone can create and charge to train people online.

One last thing if you are a trainer.

People are learning from various sources online including YouTube, websites, social media etc. Your competitor are already reaching your trainees whether you like it or not.

Trainees are also learning online because it is convenient to them. So if you don’t offer it, someone else will.

To find out more about things like equipment, cost etc. and how to create your own online training courses check out my course here or email me to ask me.