How To Select A Topic For YouTube

Making a video for YouTube takes time. There are topics that have a larger potential audience versus others. Here’s a tool for you to do some research so that you have a better chance that your video gets the views it deserve. Do you do any form of topic research before you make a video? Let me know in the comments.

Benefits Of Having Your Own Website

I wrote about having your own website quite a while back. At the time, blogs were popular and social media sites hasn’t reached the peak yet. As I recently moved my courses to a new course hosting platform, I thought I’d add a few more benefits to being able to control you online presence. _What is important is for me to be able to update all my links to point to the new location....

Embracing New Ways Of Doing Business

Each day, I try to count my blessing because it is so easy to focus on what is Not Working. This morning, my thoughts floated towards business. I reflected on some 20 years when I first dove into entrepreneurship, comparing the opportunities available today. That made me so grateful. I felt, it is such a great time to be alive. Granted, that there are numerous challenges, the opportunities to make a difference as an individual, are tremendous as well....

November 30, 2018 · James Woo

Create A Logo For Your Business - DesignEvo Review

Eventually, you will need a logo for your business. Logos can help your customers remember you. Here’s one way to get a logo if you don’t want to spend a lot especially when you are starting out. If you tried DesignEvo and managed to create a logo that is satisfactory, let me know. It will be interesting to see your logo you made.

Adobe Spark Update

Now, you can do more with Adobe Spark, the online tool that helps you create social media post, slides, and even videos. The video below focuses more on the video part. My earlier review covers a bit more so you can also take a look here.

Adobe Spark Review - Is It A Way To Create Videos In Minutes?

This is a quick review of Adobe Spark. Adobe release this web based tool to created Post, Pages, and Videos. In a nutshell, you can make images, and videos with Spark. I tested Spark creating a Post, and a short video. The video I made with Spark is below here. Note that the thumbnail for the video is not made with Adobe Spark. It is uploaded to YouTube in case you wonder how I made that....

Why a Personal Website Can Help You Succeed

First up, what is a personal website? It is a website where you can share your thoughts and experience. It can be personal or professional in nature demonstrating your knowledge and experience. How can it help you succeed in Life and Business? We will examine this further down. If you do not know what a personal website is, then look no further. This website is my personal website and it carries my name....