Shotcut Tutorial For Beginners

Shotcut tutorial 2018 - this tutorial gives some basics for beginners to get started with Shotcut video editor. Hope you enjoyed the video. To learn how to use Shotcut fast so that you can get started, check out the official Shotcut Training

Shotcut Review 2018

Here’s my updated review on Shotcut. There are new features, and effects that you can use to make more creative videos. The video was edited with Shotcut. Download Shotcut here and here. Both sites work. If you need some help to get started, you can check out the official Shotcut training course. It will help you get started fast and covers topics in greater detail.

Shotcut Video Editor Update Version 16.10.01

Shotcut, the free video editor, has a recent update. In this release, Version 16.10.01, Shotcut has a new lens correction filter, and a more efficient editor. Check it out in the video below Here’s a review of other free video editing software I’ve used and why I choose Shotcut. If you like to learn how to use Shotcut, check out my Shotcut Tutorials here.

Microphone For E-Learning

Looking for a suitable microphone for e-learning, or to record an online course? There are many options for such microphone, with a large variation in price range. If you are new to e-learning, my suggestion is not to spend too much, nor to get the cheapest microphone. In this video, you can see me testing a Zoom H1 audio recorder, using the built in microphones, and also a test with a lapel, or lavalier microphone....

November 14, 2015 · James Woo

Best Camtasia Alternative

Looking for the best alternative for Camtasia? Here’s my run down. I’m not affiliated with any of these companies by the way. I’ve used, and tested some versions of the software I mentioned in this article. I do teach courses on using some of the software. Short summary What is Camtasia Studio? In a nutshell, it is a software that allows you to record your computer screen, and/or webcam, make videos with chroma key aka green screen effects, and allows you to edit your videos....

September 30, 2015 · James Woo