Budget Microphone For YouTube Videos (Boya BY-MM1) — 4 Comments

  1. Can’t play any of the audio files. Error: Unsupported audio type or invalid file path

  2. 1 and 1A have far better sound. 2 and 2A have significant room echo which makes them unpleasant to listen to. I noticed that the Rode VideoMicro Compact is listed at only $19 more than the Boya on Amazon. The Rhode has a two year warranty if you register it. It is made in Australia by a well respected company. The frequency range of the Rhode is from 100Hz to 20KHz which may help to reduce low frequency rumble when compared to the Boya 35Hz to 18KHz. It also appears that the Rhode has better sensitivity and signal to noise ratio. My opinion is that I would probably spend the extra $19 for the Rhode, knowing I would get a quality product from well known manufacturer with a two year warranty. If the budget is tight, I can understand going with a less expensive mic. Always remember, “When you buy quality you only cry once”. Thank you for the video review and comparison. The Boya sounds much better than the iPhone mic.

  3. Thanks for your comment Dave. Where I live, the Rode is a whole lot more expensive (almost 2 to 2.5x). If it were a $19 difference, I may spring for the Rode, but some say that the Boya has higher signal to noise ratio.

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