I’m an online instructor. I’ve been an engineer, a salesperson and a business owner for quite a while. Today I test things, and I teach.

My courses are here and elsewhere on the internet. These are some testimonials from customers about my courses.


This website started around the time when I was making some transition in my life. At that time, I felt a personal website will be useful, plus I didn’t want to spread my projects on too many individual websites anymore.

For now, this site is for sharing my ideas, and putting useful resources I found in one place.

Why I do what I do?

I like to find out how things work, make them better, and teach others how they can do the same. My goal is to contribute in someway to make things better for others. If you are on my site, hopefully, that’s you.

One of the things that motivates me is sharing what I discover. Join me in a journey to Innovate, Connect, and Create.

Thoughts On Business

I like business to Profitable from Day 1 if possible, and aim for that. Systems and automation in business also interest me. Here’s why.

Although I like techy, geeky stuff, like systems, automation, etc. over the years, I came to realize the most important thing is people. Hopefully what I do and create improve their lives in some small way.

If you like connect with me, just to say hi, or better yet, to let me know what you are working on, I welcome you to email me. Yeah, I know there’s social media like Twitter but email is platform independent and won’t get buried by some algorithm.